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Trucco & Échale Guindas

November 2018

We introduce you to Laura and María, “happy owners” of Échale Guindas. Discover their artistic references in this interview. Don't miss it!


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pilar garcia ferrer y Trucco

María is wearing our jacquard high waist trousers, white blouse and our mustard coat.






pilar garcia ferrerMaría is wearing our jacquard trousers, white blouse and our oversized burgundy knit cardigan.


"We have managed to create a family of artists who we can share projects and a whole lot of art with! We are really lucky!"


We are sisters and we have always shared an interest in art.  We dove into this adventure together and we just knew it was going to be amazing. We were so eager to create something new, to be surrounded by art and to turn our hobby into our job. And that is how we created Échale Guindas, a gallery where art is there to be enjoyed with a different spirit, where the artwork is very valuable but accessible..










Favourite Artists:


LAURA: Lawrence Alma Tadema and Victorian artists in general. David Hockney, Anish Kapoor, Hopper... There are so many!!

MARÍA: Matisse, Wyeth, William Morris, Manet, Boutet de Monvel, Anglada-Camarasa and so many others!


If you had to dash out of your apartment, what would you grab?


LAURA: I would take Ramón (my dog), a blanket that my Mum knitted for me a few years ago, photos... My memories!

MARÍA: I don't really grow attached to material things... I think I would take the ring my husband gave me before we got married and a few photos.


Favourite city:


LAURA: New York.

MARÍA: Any town or city in Holland.


Best song ever:


LAURA: 'Dancing Queen' by ABBa.

MARÍA: That's a tough one... Right now, I would say 'Sweet Dreams, TN' by The Last Shadow Puppets, but my all-time favourite band in the world is The Smashing Pumpkins.


Favourite places in Madrid:


LAURA: It has to be Calle Pelayo! LOL. And everything around it (Malasaña, Salesas...).

MARÍA: Definitely Calle Pelayo! I love grabbing a pain au chocolat from 'La Mallorquina' and sitting down to enjoy it in Plaza de Oriente. I love shopping on Calle Velarde and stopping for a bite at Café Comercial or Taberna La Carmencita.


How would you define your style?


LAURA: Simple and comfortable. Plain colours, basic items: jeans, jumpers, tops and trainers.

MARÍA: I like simple clothes in neutral colours and natural fabrics. Definitely unisex items and Oxford shoes. I always wear long cloth coats.


What would you say to young entrepreneurs?


LAURA: Go for it! There is nothing better than doing what you love and fighting for what you believe in.

MARÍA: Do things with love and care. It always makes a difference.







pilar garcia ferrer y trucco

Maria and Laura getting the pieces ready for sale.
Laura wears a 70's look with our grey knit sweater and our flared corduroy trousers.

Laura with our striped shirt is choosing the art pieces for the new exhibition.




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