Juan XXIII Foundation

Since the month of September, TRUCCO is collaborating with the Juan XXIII Foundation

The Juan XXIII Foundation was created in 1966 to meet the social needs of the group of people with intellectual disabilities. Three years later, Doña Amparo Martínez and Don Luis Arroyo opened the first school Juan XXIII, located in Calle Segre, for children with an intellectual disability. In 1986, the Juan XXIII foundation was formed and the first occupational center was opened for people above 18 years old with an intellectual disability.

Its mission is to integrate people in a social and professional manner with an intellectual disability, enhancing their quality of life, through the development of autonomy and initiative through the day center, occupational center, training center for employment and special employment center, without prejudice to develop the necessary resources or projects in order to complete the mission.

Its vision is to be confirmed as a model organization between entities, of personal attention to people with an intellectual disability, optimizing results in order to:

Provide individual and multidisciplinary intervention plans.

Support the person and their family or caregivers, seeking to maximize the quality of life.

Be recognized for the quality of their professional and human care.

The foundation has a charitable care purpose, exempt from any profit making, of social assistance to people with an intellectual disability of any type and degree. As well as the insertion of social and professional inclusion, without prejudice to also serve groups with other disabilities or people at risk of social exclusion, to better fulfill its objectives.

Currently, the headquarters of the Juan XXIII foundation is located at Avenida Gran Vía del Este Nº1 (Vicálvaro, Madrid).