Once you reach the screen showing the details of the item you wish to buy, you must select the colour, size and number of units you require. After selecting these options, click on the button called ‘Add to basket’. The item will then appear in the shopping basket which will drop down at the top of the screen.   


Once you have added the item, you may then continue shopping using the menu situated on the left-hand side of the screen or complete the process by clicking on the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button that appears underneath the shopping basket you have just added the item to.  


Likewise, at any time whilst browsing, you may access your shopping basket by clicking on the button situated at the far right-hand side of the screen called ‘Shopping basket’ to see the items you have added and to proceed to checkout via this screen.  


On the shopping basket screen you will see a list of items at the bottom. This is the start of the checkout process, which consists of several steps. The first thing is to check all the items you have added to your basket carefully. If you need to modify any of the details, this is the time to do it. Likewise, you can also opt to continue shopping by clicking on the ‘Continue shopping’ button. If all the details are correct, then click on ‘Pay’ to continue with the process.  


During step two, shoppers must log in as registered users or register as a new user if they have not previously registered on the website.  


Once this process is complete, you must fill in the billing and shipping details you wish the order to be sent to. In this case, your order may be sent to a private address or to any of the TRUCCO stores in Spain listed on the dropdown list in this section.  


Once you have filled in these details, check that they are all correct before clicking on ‘Pay’.   


Once you reach the payment screen, you may pay with a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card or using the PayPal system. Once payment has been confirmed, a screen will come up detailing the items purchased, which you may print out. In addition to this payment confirmation screen, a copy of the payment confirmation will automatically be sent to the email address you registered with.  



To check the status of your order you should go to the ‘My account’ section once you have identified yourself as a registered user for this website.